Mr. Paul R. Oristaglio

Paul R. Oristaglio, CPA, was elected as a director to fill a vacancy on the Board. Mr. Oristaglio will also serve on the audit committee. Mr. Oristaglio is the CEO and Founder of CFO2higher, which provides financial solutions to business owners and managers, which Mr. Oristaglio started in May 2018. Prior to his position with CFO2higher, Mr. Oristaglio served as President and Sole Proprietor of RIPRO, a financial and operational services company, and prior to that, MR. Oristaglio was CFO, COO, CIO and Co-Founder of MassPRO, Inc., a financial/operation resources company. Mr. Oristaglio is a licensed CPA. Mr. Oristaglio was chosen to serve as a director due to his business acumen and financial background.